For Continuous monitoring of density of slurries in the mining and dredging industry, arenal offers complete solution with ceramic ultrasonic sonochemistry probes, high-end ultrasonic electronics and a strong PLC based process analyser. The main objective of the PLC are control of the ultrasonic electronics, calculation of the process control parameters and communication with any DCS/Scada system.

Areral was the pioneer of ceramic based ultrasonic sonochemistry analysers in the world for the determination of density, SG, solids% and temperature of abrassive slurries. To suit the most demanding application in the field, the control of the measurements is done by a fast and reliable PLC, make Pro-Face (Schneider Electric). Over 50.000 measuring values per minute are read from the ultrasonic transmitter and checked for validety. The settings of the ultrasonic electronics is done through the optional touch screen, remote-PC or smart phone.